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Game Info

Title: Simon the Sorcerer 2
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Adventure Soft
Year: 1995

About the Game

Adventure sequel Simon the Sorcerer subtitled "The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe" is indirectly connected to the conclusion of the previous game, in which Simon had killed the evil magician sordida. He now returns as a ghost who brought a book of magic. There can read in bed at night, the young son of a farmer Runt, but once it was interrupted by his father, he took the book, burned and its remains thrown into a pentagram, which Runt on the floor in a room painted. Runt Sordidovým subsequently became a disciple and helps him with vengeance Simon. Sordida sends Simon, who compared to the previous piece a few years older, his room cabinet, which he has to teleport into the rebuilt Sordids "Fortress of Doom", the spell fails too, and the Wardrobe Simon appears before wizarding trade his old friend worthy of a magician Calypso . He tells Simon that the only way he could get back to his world, it is rare to find an ingredient, "mucusade", which serves as a drive enclosure.

The second part of the series Simon the Sorcerer is like the previous episode 2D point`n click adventure with a hand-drawn VGA graphics, and gameplay is identical to a system in which the only change is the replacement of written orders graphical icons that represent these commands. On the PC version of the game came on floppy disks or CD that contains the dubbing. Then dubbed version, unlike the previous game allows you to turn subtitles. The game also appeared on Amiga and Macintosh.

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