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Game Info

Title: Simon the Sorcerer
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Infocom
Year: 1993

About the Game

Pubescent teenager Simon found one day in the attic of his house the ark, which hides a book called "Ye Olde spellbook." Using this book, he manages to open a portal to the world of fantasy, which is issued together with your dog Chippym. After passing through the portal gets a witch's hat, into which the survey hides example, a ladder, a purple cloak wizarding and magical abilities. On the other hand, he learns about his mission to rescue a wizard Calypso from the clutches of the evil wizard sordida.

Simon the Sorcerer is a classic "clickable" 2D adventure, building on jokes protagonist Simon. Simon lent his voice actor Chris Barrie known for his roles in the television series Rimmer Red Dwarf.

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