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Game Info

Title: Simpsons: Arcade Game
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Konami
Year: -

About the Game

The Simpsons Arcade Game is an action game of 1991 on the theme of the famous Simpsons. Version for DOS and C64 was a remake of an old arcade machines. All the action takes place through 2D scrolling screens in Springfield and the surrounding area.

Even action games of the early nineties used to have a storyline. The plot of The Simpsons Arcade Game makes villains from two sympathetic characters of the original series - Waylon Smithers and Mr. Burns chief power. Smithers to Burns stole from Springfield diamond jewelry, but while fleeing clashed with passers-by Homer Simpson. Smithers diamond fell from his hands directly into your mouth Maggie. Footpad not hesitate to take the diamond with a toddler, which gemstone confuse with the nipple. The Simpsons, of course, issued following the trail of a thief and his child in the way they will cost hundreds of Burns's henchmen.

The game graphics are logically trying to bring the appearance of the famous TV series, but who played on Nintendo (NES) games of the early nineties, could not help but feel that something similar has been seen. The whole game is very similar to a series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not only looks almost identical overall game design, combat system, but for example, a detail such as the character select screen.

The individual characters of the Simpsons family also have their fighting style and special moves. The similarities are not surprising, under both nominated games (and many others of this type) are signed by Konami.

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