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Game Info

Title: SkyRoads
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Blue Moon Interactive
Year: 1993

About the Game

You control interstellar car and by your task is to reach to the end of the path, whereby you have to avoid obstacles (to bypass them or Skip) not to fall out of the way (although the car can jump, but not to fly), and be careful on the road. At stake are several types of pathways, each acting on the car otherwise (it may be slippery, retarding, accelerating or destroy the car). Attention should be given also to light fuel or oxygen, neither of them may not be the end trate minutes. Available to you just one type of car, because the game is mainly focussed on horseback.

The full game is 30 levels (in the shareware versions can be played only 6), which are divided into 10 groups of three pathways. Individual groups and differ from each other by the difficulty, by gravity, total Greys bear roads and background.

A year later came the continuation named Skyroads Xmas Special.

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