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Game Info

Title: Spear of Destiny
Genre: Action
Publisher: ID Software
Year: 1992

About the Game

When id Software in 1992 developed Wolfenstein 3D (s shareware distribution model from Apogee Software), they were surprised by the success of the game so much that same year developed and put into regular sales network game Spear of Destiny.

Spear of Destiny has a different story but the same engine. The same protagonist - Allied agent William J. (aka BJ) Blazkowicz - into the new missions to the Nuremburg Castle to Hitler stole the Spear of Destiny, which, as Hitler himself believed he provides invincibility in war. In addition to identical opponents which even meet in Wolfenstein 3D (guards, SS soldiers, white officers, dogs and undead mutants) to you at the end of levels are waiting for new bosses with epic names (Trans Grosse, Barnacle Wilhelm, Ubermutant, Knight and Death Angel of Death) . Opponents have improved A.I. (Adapt to new LOCATION movement path in which they get when you persecute), textures are more detailed and the game will hear new sounds and music. In the game works the same cheats as in Wolfenstein 3D and added some new ones.

Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny are considered pioneers of the genre FPS (shooter).

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Spear of Destiny free MS-DOS game Spear of Destiny free MS-DOS game Spear of Destiny free MS-DOS game Spear of Destiny free MS-DOS game
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