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Game Info

Title: Speedball
Genre: Sports
Publisher: The Bitmap Brothers
Year: 1988

About the Game

Speedball is futuristic sport resembling handball. The enclosed playground with two five-member teams clash in battle, in which almost everything is permitted. Thus, the basic rules are, of course, the challenge is to get a steel ball into the opponent's goal and it's basically any way. Thus passes are allowed, as well as reflections on the barrier pillars placed inside pitch, or you can use the tunnel barrier and move the game to the other side of the court. However, the hallmark of the game is brutal bashing opponents. The success of his team decided attributes (agility, strength and fatigue), which in the course of the match changed. Additionally included in the game tokens, which can be obtained by collecting certain benefits, such as increasing attributes, or even the ability to bribe the referee.

The game offers three game modes. One Player Knockout's match against the computer ten rounds, where each round you have to get three points to go next. Difficulty matches is gradually increasing. League Game, as the name suggests, is in a league with the participation of 11 teams, which will play round-robin system. Speedball additionally offers game for two players on one computer.

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