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Game Info

Title: Spellcross
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Cauldron
Year: 1997

About the Game

Spellcross is a turn-based strategy in which you stand with units of modern equipment (tanks, artillery, infantry, helicopters etc.) against magical forces of the Middle Ages, which include magicians, undead, golems, hellish ride, orcs and others.

According to the story of the game is called horde stormed into our world through a magical portal, and is up to you how you put it. The game includes two modes of play. In the first, very important, you will explore, invent, buy etc. You can purchase classic units, then examine various improvements (better engines in cars, better armor for soldiers ...) and then buy all this and apply to your unit. What is at stake it is important promotion system. Each unit is steeling struggle and is far better to have a few true veterans before a crowd of newcomers. In this mode, you see the global occupied territories, setting research, defending their own country, that you occupied (yes, the enemy can move to counterattack), and most importantly, you can pick up the commander and then assign those subordinate units. As long as the unit during fighting near their commander, they are available to the bonuses that let the commander of one such unit on the battlefield. It is better to sit in the extra-strong unit, enemies of course primarily go after him. Even the commander of gaining experience ...

This brings us to the battle. Do you have a map of where your units start at a predetermined location. The goal is to eliminate all sometimes simply, sometimes to rescue downed pilots, fighters, sometimes mysterious territory to explore and so on. The fight takes place on the roads, which take turns with your opponent. Infantry can pass through the woods, helicopters have excellent outlook, the tanks are strong, but they must always be on the roads etc. Each unit can dig in and enhance its defenses. Options how to play the game, they are to you.

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