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Game Info

Title: Star Wars: Tie Fighter
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: LucasArts
Year: 1994

About the Game

Tie Fighter is, like its predecessor, classifiable between cosmic "simulators". For the game stood Lawerence Holland and Totally Games Virtually all aspects of the game were compared to your original X-Wing improved and inherently represent the peak of the whole series. The game was added quantity of little things (records of communications, was improved the targeting computer pribudla option focuses subsystems ships, etc.). Briefings of individual missions were richer and the amount of information submitted by the mission and allow for a better preparation for the event.

Sila X-WING series is currently in its simple complexity. It's easy to get into the game, but it takes a while before it really mastered. In order to pass each mission completely sufficient to successfully perform the primary and secondary roles. In fulfilling the tasks for the emperor should be borne in mind always your machine, which can, what with him may allow a player and of course necessary to be aware of the battlefield. It could be said that the individual mission were also small puzzle, which was to be solved to be able to fulfill all the tasks. Not only essential, but also the bonus. Sometimes it has happened that at the briefing also appears cloaked figure that you had for special tasks. Tasks that player performs for the Emperor himself, and thus gradually became a secret member of the Community.

The game itself begins shortly after the battle on the planet Hoth. The player, as stíhačov TIE pilot, serving as Empire is full citizens, which is aware of its responsibility towards the homeland, against the Galactic Empire. Thus, we get into the role of guardian of order and peace in the galaxy. Accordingly, the game itself does not fight only against a rebellion, but also against other unpleasant živlom which may endanger the stability of stellar systems - whether they are pirates, a criminal organization or dispute settlement between different systems or anti zradcom.

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