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Game Info

Title: Star Wars: X-Wing
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: LucasArts
Year: 1993

About the Game

X-Wing is a space simulator set in an environment created stellar military end 70 years by George Lucasom. Story X-Wing was odvíjal parallel with the events of the episode IV. The role of the player were to meet at least the primary tasks of the mission that has been successful and narrative portion is shifted so forth. If the player failed, followed - as the case - one of three possible ends of the Mission. Death, confinement or picking up and ingest some time in the medical Center.

Player as rebel pilot (later appointed as Keyan Farlander) fulfills the mission and participates shares insurgency before and during the Battle of Yavin. The player performs a variety of missions ranging from simple battle with Imperial fighters, through escort mission, imperial attacks on convoys, flag ships, or the mission in which it was necessary to capture a hostile ships. Lawrence Holland and Totally Games even before the team worked on a number of classic simulators of the Second World War, so it is no wonder that the fighting in X-Wing are just a variation on the air war duels and missions. With the exception that the player was available to control over energy possibilities of his machine, which enabled him to just drag and energy necessary equipment (lasers, shields and engines).

Leading the campaign consisted of three so-called. "Tour of Duty", each consisting of twelve missions - except the last, which had fourteen of them.

"A New Ally" - is concerned with finding new allies and podporovateľov Rebellion and the Empire by constant pressure against the rebellion.

"The Great Search" - Discovery and recovering one part of the plans of the first Death The stars and their delivery into the hands of Princess Lei authority on the corvette Tantive IV.

"The Gathering Storm" - follows the progress of the rebels to the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Sterren. The last three missions reconstruct the attack on the stars of Death. In these missions, the last player essentially gets into position, Luke Skywalker, since the destruction of the Death lies The stars on his loins.

In addition to these missions, the player still available a variety of so-called. Historic mission, a training circuit that is taught to control individual machines rebels or so. "Movie Room" where you can watch the records of missions unless a player they did. Naturally, there is no complete database of individual machines appearing in the entire campaign, respectively. game.

X-Wing and laid the foundation for the entire series, which is enjoyed several datadiskov, very successful continuation and several rereleases with an improved engine, and with complete release.

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