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Game Info

Title: Street Fighter
Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom Co.
Year: 1988

About the Game

The world championship in street martial arts is here! Ryu of Japan have not participated in any such, but I wanted to win. Between him and championship status, however, is duels in five countries, with ten well-motivated opponents. Ryu will first have to score in his native Japan, before he opened the pit urban countries such as China, Britain and the United States.

Each wrestler whom you stand, is a strong personality, which manifests in appearance and own combat techniques. And Birdie British punk into their amps incorporate elements of boxing and wrestling Thajec Eagle brandishing bamboo sticks under the principles of Filipino martial arts. Multiplayer here serves only as the decisive match between two players who decide which of them will stand against the AI ​​in these matches around the world.

The PC version is just one of many conversions from the original cutting games, riding on the popularity of Asian influences of Western mass culture, which is, for example, similarly themed film Karate Kid (1984) martial arts document. Street Fighter in its time was not the first nor the best fighting game, but that has changed now Street Fighter II. Today it is one of the key brands from Capcom and main competitor similarly legendary series Tekken Namco-Bandai from.

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