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Game Info

Title: Strife
Genre: Action
Publisher: Rogue Entertainment
Year: 1996

About the Game

FPS unusual for its time, its focus on the story. Comet hit the planet. Shock released a virus that instantly spread and killed millions of people. Hitting that survived turned into hideous mutants others began to hear the voice of God. These fanatics formed the religious organization The Order conquered by force any survivors. Resistance against this dictatorship, however, already formed and the hero comes to town Tarnhill to join him.

City Tarnhill consists of several locations in which it is possible, and often necessary in the context of the story, returning. A player can talk to characters, buy the stock in trade, increase the accuracy of weapons and the maximum value of their health. In addition to the classical process riddled with locations in some places it is possible to go through without a fight. Soon after the beginning of the game the main character receives a comlink. Despite his wife speaks to him of resistance code-named Blackbird. Her voice becomes the player's companion for the rest of the game. Blackbird player faces, gives advice and share their opinions.

Strife big problem (in the game also featured subtitled "Quest for the Sigil") are impasse. When a player makes a bad decision or kills an important figure, may take several hours of play to find out he does not get away and given to a single storage location must start the game again from scratch. Strife, however, runs on the same engine as Doom and it is possible to play through ZDoom, which provides a lot of improvements, including multiple save slots and more detailed graphics.

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