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Game Info

Title: The Summoning
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Strategic Simulations
Year: 1992

About the Game

Story tells of a magician turning point that threatens the world of the Labyrinth. You as the only hope for mankind've dramatic events sent into the Labyrinth that you found and destroyed by the evil hidden therein. After a simple generation of your character you built on top of the Labyrinth and your pilgrimage is initiated.

The play is seen from an isometric view of a struggle extend, in real time. Although the control is not as simple as in today's games of this type. Figure to be properly curl against an opponent and hit on the icon of the attack. You have four types of weapons (and throwing bows, swords, spears and axes), which improves accordingly, how much you use that type of weapon, and four kinds of magic for which it pays the same. And then you proceed underground, encountering NPC, for which you can do something about it, or you just queue on your quest to break. On the other hand, the encounter and the characters, which are neither good nor bad, and it depends only on you, or you can think or not.

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