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Game Info

Title: The Terminator: Future Shock
Genre: Action
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Year: 1995

About the Game

Revolutionary 1st person action gaming world for the first time showed how easy it was to operate the 3D action with a mouse and keyboard. Terminator offering incredible atmosphere, unique mission, but a sophisticated story. You play as one of the members of the Resistance led by John Connor and his skin you fulfill various missions.

The game is more focused on the performance of various diverse events, such as the right fighter for freedom will infiltrate enemy camps, destroying generators and not do much for the salvation of mankind. It's all on huge maps littered with evidence of war (such as thrown weapons, piles of bones and corpses of the less fortunate members of the Resistance), where in each building can crawl in and around every corner lurks an enemy. And that they are not few.

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