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Game Info

Title: Terminator: Skynet
Genre: Action
Publisher: Bethesda
Year: 1996

About the Game

Last Bethesda game based on the license Terminator. Skynet was originally developed as an expansion pack for its predecessor Terminator: Future Shock, but during development has decided that he will develop into a stand-alone game. One of the appreciable improvement, and this time was the possibility Xngine running the game at a higher 640x480 resolution (the previous game was run only in the classic 320x200). If you had installed along with SkyNETom and Future Shock, you can also play the game in this new resolution. In addition to the new single-player campaign pribudli more and new multiplayer options.

As well as any continuing Skynet had to show that it knows more. The role of the player is to prevent the machine from starting again acquired nuclear weapons. More variable environment, the daily and night missions, as well as jazdiace and flying machines. It offers all Skynet, wrapped in a customary feature brífingoch Performances acting as belonged to those times.

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