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Game Info

Title: The Clue
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Neo Software
Year: 1994

About the Game

The Clue! is a game that combines adventure and tactical action based on thorough planning of any burglary. The hero of the story is Matt Stuvysant who finds himself without money for the first time in London so soon earned a lot of money as a world-class thief, all brain activities.

The player must first prepare the way it gets to the destination of the building undetected and carry loot from it without the police caught him yet. First, we hire helpers (with different abilities). Then on the tactical map shall prepare the event. It combats while the guards off alarms, conquers to secure a safe and pulls necklaces showcases .. After preparing your event stores, starts and without the possibility to influence the course of the player monitors the extent proceeds properly. If everything goes smoothly, pending the sale of looted objects player middlemen difficult tasks and fatter loot.

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The Clue free MS-DOS game The Clue free MS-DOS game The Clue free MS-DOS game The Clue free MS-DOS game
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