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Game Info

Title: The Immortal
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year: 1994

About the Game

Sorcerer with the white bearded figure in a small chamber and breaking your head about where they lost it, even older master, Mordamir. Suddenly materializes flame flickering candles in the master's face. Wizard learns that the master is imprisoned in a labyrinth of deep underground. Although his words were meant for Dunrica, decide that even he does not leave in the lurch master and embarks himself into the depths of eight decker dungeon. Ten brave wizard you and isometric, action, fantasy adventure game in which just embark, at the time of its inception excelled extraordinary sanguinariness and difficulty. It is not just a dull dungeon crawl. Here's more from Dunricovy daughter helping elders with the rigors of the dungeon with which the relationship can develop into something more than just friendship purpose, to the RPG elements in the form of branched interviews, sleeping on cots (storage) and inventory. There is also multiple endings, depending on major decisions during the game, because nothing is as it seems and evil has many faces.

Name game can be somewhat misleading. Multi-level dungeon full of traps, aggressive trolls and goblins and your wizard is fragile. When it comes to the fight, the game switches to a view, occupying both opponents of the profile. The game is hard and unforgiving gameplay stands on a "trial and error". It is necessary that the player learned to use appropriate tactics against different types of enemies and recognized in a timely manner all the traps. Passive traps environment include arrows lobbed off the walls, or hltavého worm lurking on arrival at the floor. Dungeon is just teeming with hostile creatures stuck there too many people who need help. In advanced games can even conclude an alliance with the goblins, and trolls.

The game was created primarily for the Apple IIGS, which was published in 1990. Gradually been ported to Amiga, Atari ST, MS DOS, NES, and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The main playmaker, Will Harvey, intended to "immortal" as originally MMO RPG. How to proceed in the creation of games has become a purely single-player affair. Individual versions differ only with respect and parts of the tonal. NES version in simplified graphics bloodless, violent death animations with slightly longer dialogues. It lacks even one whole floor of the dungeon, with spiders. The PC version has, on the contrary, compared with console versions, a bit poorer soundtrack.

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