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Game Info

Title: The Incredible Machine
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Maxis
Year: 1992

About the Game

The first of the series of games TIM (The Incredible Machine) in which the aim is to build a variety of facilities so as to fulfill the task. For example, the ball falls to scissors, you cut the cord binding the balloon, which shoots up, turns on the switch that activates the motor running with a mouse connected to a conveyor belt, on which sits a cat, strip it falls toward the aquarium and the cat it breaks. The task was fulfilled (task was to break the aquarium) is made available to the next level.

For each task it is available to only a limited number of objects (rope, candles, mechanical appliances, etc.). The game has a "freeform" mode with the option to build a de facto anything at any gravity and then start work.

Later that same year released a sequel to The Even More Incredible Machine, and a year later the second episode of The Incredible Machine second

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