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Game Info

Title: The Secret of Monkey Island
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: LucasArts
Year: 1990

About the Game

The fifth game using the SCUMM engine launched one of the most famous adventure series, which is famous for its great humor and legendary messages such as "Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!".

The main hero Guybrush Threepwood, whose name no one can remember, it has one big dream - to become a formidable pirate. For this purpose, he travels to the Caribbean, the island of Mêlée where the renowned SCUMM bar learns that must meet three tests - defeat in fencing local swordmaster, find buried treasure and steal from the house of Governor statue. While performing the last task of the beautiful governor falls in love at first sight, but through the budget line will do him the main bad guy, pirate-ghost LeChuck, Elaine who kidnaps and takes her to the legendary Monkey Island. Guybrush not delay, ensure the boat, mobilizes crew and sets out to rescue his love.

The Secret of Monkey Island observes, "LucasArts Game Design Philosophy", so the player can not die (with the exception of one Easter Egg), or get into a situation where they must load the old position. The purpose is to entertain players and not to punish him for mistakes (in the game on this subject cue). He became famous fighting system that is based on a system of insults and correct answers to them.

The game first released on floppy disks EGA graphics, a few months later with VGA graphics. In June 1992, the world got a CD version with an improved soundtrack, your items get their icons and control interface has been simplified - vanished rare actions (eg. Turn on), so their number has decreased from 12 to 9 and right mouse button has been assigned the most widely used. For example, to open the door, it did not have to click on Open and then on the door, it was enough for them to roll the cursor and the word Open will automatically light up, ie enough and then click the right action is performed.

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