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Title: The Settlers Online
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: -
OS: -

About the Game

Literally legendary game that made a series of builders' strategies literally captivated players all over the world. First thanks series saw the light in 1993, while the last one in 2007. Now, however, players can relive that perfect game, in its modern guise. Although the European title is The Settlers Online in the world with the game can be found under the name Castle Empire. During development, the emphasis was mainly on improving previous mistakes, but as well as to improve overall gameplay. It was greatly simplified, which many players logically accepted with enthusiasm, since this game started much more widespread among the other candidates.

A great advantage of the game The Settlers Online is certainly the overall sophistication, both for graphics and in terms of the procedures, or options. Examples are different types of wood intended for the extraction and processing. Equally important are the latest in a total settlement construction, development of buildings and of course fighting against enemies. With slower plynoucĂ­mu time so logically have a better position players who attend to her more and more often. Which, given the themes certainly not a problem.

The game, like many others, is based on a popular free gaming system free-to-play, which allows through small transactions necessary to obtain the benefits associated with success, for example, associated with each level to go through as a player. Especially at later stages, which are characterized by the slow pace of the game, they can definitely throw numerous benefits.

A characteristic feature of the game is obviously the need for continuous thinking and looking for connections. Confront the building without the necessary building materials, grain flour crudely without a major food does not grow without cultivation. In all this, however, should not forget the development of the army that can fight on foreign territory and attract prey price, which will be used to develop your very own settlements.

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