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Game Info

Title: Theme Hospital
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Bullfrog
Year: 1997

About the Game

Theme Hospital is building strategy, which are trying to be as successful as possible in the hospital. At the beginning you only have a building and it's up to you where you put the desk receptionist to arrange individual rooms, many employ doctors and nurses etc. Over game will invent new and novel drugs for diseases of and apparatus for treatment, employing more doctors with specific specializations but also beautify the hospital and take care of it, to make patients feel comfortable (ie. build radiators for heat, place the flowers because of the pleasant appearance, buy drinks at vending machines or build toilets and employ a janitor).

A key element of the game is the humor, which is often really black. Diseases that will heal, eg. Invisibility, big head, oversized tongue like. All these bizarre diseases are treated equally on the bizarre instruments and a good dose of humor tka abound.

Needless to say, the other a level-increasing number of patients and the frequency with which they come. While the first levels are so warm and just enough time to see everything, from the second half of it you'll have a lot of spin and often do not know where to turn.

Since version 1.01 (Beta patch 5) is allowed up to 4 players compete in multiplayer. Each player takes care of his hospital, where wins the one who reaches a pre-determined targets. These include eg. To deal with the epidemic, passing the VIP visits, or achieve certain statistics that must be maintained until the end of the game. Vitiated the game opponents can buy up open land and thereby restrict its space, or throw him to the hospital epidemic bombs.

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