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Game Info

Title: Theme Park
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Bullfrog
Year: 1994

About the Game

Become an owner of one, and later the entire chain of theme parks around the world and take care of prosperity and profitability to satisfy the thousands of little babies in your park.

The original game from Bullfrog building a theme park, you begin to empty territory with a very bold account and you need to build a thriving business on a greenfield site. Choose from dozens of buildings from attractions like the house of horrors, rubber castle, racetrack, horse stocks, roundabouts through food stalls, chips, candy after details such as toilets, bins and benches. You can control the amount of sugar or salt in food so you cause eg. Larger sales of beverages or that cute little children will vomit everywhere it goes, you have to build a sophisticated system of roads, recruit staff for cleaning garbage and worse remains of visitor attractions to repair, to ensure sufficient salaries and avert the strike, and many other features. The entire game is made in stylized color processing peculiar sense of humor, as with Bullfrog habit.

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Theme Park
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