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Game Info

Title: Thief
Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
Year: 2014
OS: Win

About the Game

Game Thief is the fourth episode in the series of the same name, at which time stands developer Eidos Montreal studio, whose successful game titles include. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or Tomb Raider. This episode, however, does not proceed in chronological line, but a whole series of restarts at the very beginning.

The player comes under the control of Master Thief Garrett, the city "The City" in which the story takes place, he knows better than his shoes including criminal environment in which the daily moves. His thieving abilities are his daily bread, theft, burglary and unobserved infiltration are nothing unusual for him, as well as criminal earnings in order for the other party, except that he can rely on his bow and arrows and other special ingenious mechanical devices. All of these skills will have a player masterfully exploit his advantage in uncovering the full story of betrayal and political intrigue.

Thief System Requirements PC

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: AMD FX 8000 series or better / Intel Quad i7 Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD R9 series or better / Nvdia GTX 660 series or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space

Thief Wallpapers / Screenshots

Thief Wallpaper 1 Thief Wallpaper 2 Thief Wallpaper 3 Thief Wallpaper 4 Thief Wallpaper 5 Thief Wallpaper 6

Thief Gameplay Video

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