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Game Info

Title: Tiny Skweeks
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Inline Design
Year: 1992

About the Game

Tiny Skweeks is a puzzle game in principle not unlike the classic Atomix. In each level you control a few creatures of four different colors, the basic task of delivering them all into "houses" of the corresponding colors in the given time limit. Hook consists in the fact that only decide on the direction of movement creature stops after hitting an obstacle (wall, other creatures etc.).

A total of 101 levels is thematically divided into ten different groups, gradually growing more and more challenges, complicating successful completion of levels. "Houses" is the first time need to "turn on" (creature matching colors must pass the appropriate box with a lever), the trap will be added (work in pairs like teleports, they always falls again only creature that color), darts changing the direction of movement, odrážedla (flipping direction movement), breakable walls only creatures of a certain color or dangerous dynamite. It is also possible to pick up an alarm (extending the time limit to complete a level) or the next life.

When the solution level can fail in several ways, starting with the timeout despite the exhaustion of the number of lives (using dynamites, at various levels of the different number of lives) to the position Brainies into a hopeless situation (relatively rare, but in some rounds it is possible) . After completing each level, the player receives an access password to the next level.

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