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Game Info

Title: Tom and Jerry
Genre: Action
Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions
Year: 1990

About the Game

This arcade game from 1990 is created on the motives of the famous animated series Tom and Jerry, and as in this series, will also play a treacherous cat Tom tries to knock up a little Mickey Jerry. Before the game begins, you choose the time that you want to duel lasted (from 1 to 10 minutes) and then already find ourselves in the role of Mickey Jerry, whose mission is to defeat Tom. The entire game takes place in one room basement, where Jerry can of course fetch into a mouse hole.

In addition, they have to run fast to Tom, it is necessary to trick him and hurt him using weapons available to you. You can challenge him in a fencing duel, but instead of a sword you have to do knitting needles, which can be found in your shopping cart near a hole in the wall. Furthermore, you can take the dynamite and throw it on the ground under the feet of Tom. If we settle into her mouse hole, you have to paddle out the door with a tomato, you can launch a strike to Tom. Or you may run into a barrel and suddenly find yourself back in the room where you Tom again lurking, but you're flying in a small letad├Żlku. SVE have loaded bulbs that you can throw at Tom. In your mouse hole, you also have steps, after which you get to the wall and can throw eggs at Tom. He will, however, nothing will begrudge and throws them at you from below as well.

After the expiry of the allotted time, you need to have as many points you gain after the intervention of Tom, but if he hits you, your body decreases. There is also multipayer for two players on one computer when one is playing for second behind Tom and Jerry.

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