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Game Info

Title: Transport Tycoon
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Microprose
Year: 1994

About the Game

Transport Tycoon is a building strategy game where your main task is to build a great prosperous and transportation company. The game begins in 1950 and the goal is to keep the company in 2030. Carry goods, raw materials or transporting people have the option either by road, water, air or rail. As the years go by, they invented the increasingly modern means of transport that are faster, have more capacity, but they are also increasingly expensive.

The main purpose of the game is linking cities importation of raw materials to factories and in turn weighing products. To be better than the competition, you must always look for the shortest and fastest route. The more trains, cars, planes or ships on the route you go, the better. For each driven in goods get money with which you can buy new vehicles or expand your network traffic.

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