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Title: Travian
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: -
OS: -

About the Game

A unique strategy game that a few years ago is experiencing a huge boom all over the world. However, he browserové in this game i survived until today, so lets begin to build a huge empire for a nation that you choose. These may be Teutonové, Gauls, Romans or acquaintances. And it was at this time that this whole strategy also takes place. Of course, with every nation come other positives, negatives properties and meanings. Some may focus primarily on its fighting capacity and strong army, others turn to an effective defense throughout your built settlements. Even this is among one of the important elements of the game, so it is necessary to built your city constantly keep alive a large development.

Like any strategy similar genres, and of course Travian reckon with the need, such as fund-raising, cultivation and the exploitation of raw materials, nepojednotlivé fights. Even the concurrence play important because thanks to them can occupy other surrounding areas. And not only themselves, but also within the alliances themselves with other players to create. Even those are in fact real people who can communicate with you, but on the other hand you can also cheat. In addition to concluding pacts and wars with them, you can trade a varied mined and produced raw materials for those which you lack.

Of course the game Travian but not only mentioned this routine, but also many other things which bind to the life of one of the selected strains. Part of the story are also various quests that will help you in future procedures and fights. Your goal will not only build the perfect empire with many wonders, but also to protect her. And both through its own procedures and strategies, as well as through real funds, which can invest in the game and that you can add many demanding areas. After that, you do not have anything to defend itself in victory and in fact you are playing strenuous became the real ruler of the entire empire.

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