Tribes: Ascend review and free download

Game Info

Title: Tribes: Ascend
Genre: Action
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Year: 2012
OS: Win

About the Game

Do you love the sharp shooter action that will leave even for a second to breathe? The good news is definitely the fact that in the past successful game Tribes may offer its continuation. The specific name of the Tribes Ascend, and as is evident after the first few minutes of playing, everything shifted a good bit forward. Big changes were mainly graphics that offers a very interesting character processing, but also the game world, or weapons that you can hold in your hand. And since the play's action, or rather the story annihilation opponent is ranked in the world's future, certainly not to be feared that it would be any shortage of interesting locations. Many of them even resemble real ones, such as the famous Stonehenge site.

Big positive of the game is the fact that it was released as a free-to-play title. The game is therefore free to download, install and play. This logically leads to its great popularity and thus to the fact that you always have a rich choice of opponents, which have no choice but to aim and fire. First, it is but necessary to create your own game character, ie its Assassin, which offers a wide range of possibilities may actually specifically look. Likewise, offer interesting possibilities and weapons, from the classic to the truly powerful and fighting at a great distance for modification of the classical variant. All but adds even throwing dagger, which is also an option to destroy the enemy. Likewise, it can also escape or hide. Just smoke grenade, which take advantage of the fact that you are just seconds away.

Prepare also that the fighting is necessarily not take place only on firm ground. Since gravity is almost zero, you can try really long and high jumps, thanks to which you can take advantage of the terrain so you need to hit your opponent when it will not wait. This, as well as dozens of other positives just Tribes Ascend offers.

For playing this free-to-play PC game you first need to register a game account, download the game and install it on your computer. Before you download the game, check the hardware and software requirements, and the free space on the hard drive of your computer. For a good gaming experience is needed stable and fast internet connection.

Tribes: Ascend System Requirements PC

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
Memory: 4GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560+ or ATI Radeon 6950+

Tribes: Ascend Gameplay Video

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