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Title: Tunneler
Genre: Action
Publisher: -
Year: 1991

About the Game

Tunneler is a freeware action game of 1991. With a simple idea and re-playability is still popular a leisure plaything only among nostalgic.

This event is for two players, each controls his tank on the generated map of the monitored bird's eye view and try to destroy opponents. Tunneler whole point is that, although the players are fighting on the same screen, but in split-screen and initially did not even know where in the computer generated maps of their home base, as well as the opponent.

The goal is therefore to locate the enemy by gradually exploring the terrain and then destroy it. To make it more complicated, tanks have a limited range, and the player must be in search of the enemy closely monitor the fuel level and always catch back to the base for the "juice". Needless to say, do not fight with tanks in the true sense of the word, but rather a sort of mechanized "moles", with which the player literally bites into the game's environment and creating tunnels that he then serves as a quick traffic arteries, but also become the track for the opponent.

Audiovisual processing is minimalist, PC speaker transmits sounds and graphics at a resolution of 160x100 in 16 colors primitivinÄ› already worked at the time of publication. However, by using a special text mode, the game is compatible with all graphics cards that time.

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