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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter - free action pc game download

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Game Info

Title: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Genre: Action
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Year: 1997

About the Game

The game was originally created for the Nintendo 64, only later for Microsoft Windows. It is inspired comics of the same name. It's the first game of the series Turok.

The player controls Turok, who traveled in time and found myself in a Lost World. Turok is armed with a large variety of weapons by which prevents against the enemy - fighters, dinosaurs, huge insects and other. Each level includes keys, which must take in order to get to the next. The game contains a large amount of adventure elements, different kinds of walls, reefs and caves, which are waiting to make their players examined. In addition to the weapons and ammunition may Turok also collect extra lives through moving webs which are scattered throughout the level. Finally can obtain pieces "Chronoscepter 'strongest weapons of the game, which is to be used against the Final Boss.

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