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Game Info

Title: Unreal II: The Awakening
Genre: Action, First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Epic Games
Developer: Epic Games
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Unreal FPS action sequel takes us to a time after the Great War, when humanity again began to expand into space. We play Marshal John Dalton, a member of the TCA - Terran Colonial Authority, which his ship Atlantis and its crew guarding the dangerous limits of human dominion. The story begins with the rescue station, which is located aliens searched artifact. Nobody is hardly surprising, then, that in fact it's just a fragment of a union would mean the destruction of the world. The story is told mainly video sequences between missions. Between each mission, you can also freely browse the Atlantis and talk to the pilot Ne'banem, as well as the weapon specialist Isaac or with Aida, which prepares you for briefings.

Your quest for an artifact takes you to various places of the universe. Randomly into the jungle, alien city, a mining complex dam. Most of the missions is the type of find and kill, but sometimes it is necessary to defend a certain time and place at that moment get available energy shields and automatic turrets, which can be installed around. The pivotal point of the game are the weapons. You can choose between the classic, such as pistols, machine gun, shotgun and rocket launcher, or not very usual: a grenade launcher with several types of grenades (molotov, gas, EMP), flamethrower, which in an alternative fashion around sprayed flammable substances or several pieces of alien kits.

The game also includes multiplayer, which was released later and the activation must install a special patch.

Unreal II: The Awakening System Requirements PC

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