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Game Info

Title: Volfied
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Taito Corporation
Year: 1991

About the Game

Ste pilot ships Volfied, which returns to its home planet. But here, yet they occupied by aliens. You get SOS transmission from the planet, so you save people.

By your role is at each level to occupy 80% of the territory, being traversed your enemies - aliens, each division in the main bossa (the largest, which, even snipe) and his minions (smaller, which is just moving). Until this move after the borders have a shield that protects you against them. This shield but it is not infinite. Long-term use, the exhausted and then you can not protect anything before the intruders. Not to occupy territory you must leave your protection, do "a line" around a particular area and in that it is re-connect with boundaries, those are displaced. Thus, you must gradually occupy 80% of those areas. At each level are located aliens others, are moved in another way, is their different number and their boss (which alters the magnitude) with increasing level missiles more missiles to several sides.

In Level are also located blocks which, when "taken up" (ie, engages the territory on which they appear), you get something (more shield; more speed, little ammunition to destroy invaders; time of 10 seconds during which aliens do not move, and points below. .). If I kill you, you will lose one life. At the beginning of the game you have 3 lives, and can be obtained by a number of points. If you run out all the lives, you are entitled to 1 continuation. Where to Play again, you have to go all the levels from the beginning.

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