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Game Info

Title: Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Mac

About the Game

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, the third part of the series Warcraft, like their predecessors war RTS set in a medieval environment in which the key role played by magic. In the context of the series is a game notable for filing a deeper story, where more space to receive individual figures, and a shift in the gaming system, the greatest power on the battlefield puts into the hands of heroes - unique units on the battlefield.

In line with previous parts of the game alongside human footprints appeared a series of races, which reports to the four playable sides - Human Alliance, Orcish Horde, undead Scourge guards and dark elves. For each side of the game includes a campaign that forms part of one big story; in contradiction of practices and a series of campaign can be played only on the game specified order. The story, beginning to innocent skirmishes between humans and orcs, undead participation soon escalates into a disaster human kingdom of Lordaeron and unspoilt nature of the Dark Elves in Ashenvale forest environment. Later, this group will become brothers in arms, and together with the orcs, who are seeking a new home, with the threat of the Burning Legion, they are able to summon undead, would resist. Story line is narrated renderovanými sequences home games and end of each campaign are treated as animations. Progress through the game is linear, but very often they are voluntary tasks.

Each party has a trio of heroes, of which player skirmish or multiplayer game can have all three; campaigns are heroes destined storyline. Each hero can advance up to 10th level, each increasing level entails improving strength, agility and intelligence. The procedure also gives the player a point that you can spend on making improvements or secondary spells or abilities. Set of spells and secondary abilities, among which are the most common aura is set firmly. In loose games and acts in campaigns that do not have a single task, with predetermined army to pass a map, heroes can revive indefinitely. Meaning heroes, given their cost and benefit in battles, it is enhanced by the presence of neutral forces, whose hero for killing a player can gain experience from contact with the enemy.

Although the main pillar of the games themselves are heroes, it is still a real war-Time Strategy, in which the winner is decided by controlling raw materials, building the foundation system and to a large extent, the micromanagement of units. Regardless of the heroes of the playable sides differ considerably; not only the troops, but also a way of obtaining raw materials. After the raw material, the game returns to the first piece - gold, whose extraction from various gold mines by increasing the number of new workers can not accelerate indefinitely, competes only extraction of timber, which are needed primarily for the construction of buildings. Player's options, however, further limiting food: the player drives based on race may acquire building farms, nor, ziggurats, or wells. Food is concerned with two significant changes from previous works - the introduction of diversification of its power units according to their strength and performance maintenance of the army, which results in a loss of 30% of income from gold mining, if a player uses more than 40 out of a maximum of 90 units of food and removing an additional 30% unless food consumption exceeds 70 units.

Multiplayer is possible over a local network or the Internet, up to eight players; (Battle.net); Players can send raw materials before the game starts to form teams and teammates to each other can share control units.

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos System Requirements PC

Windows® XP or Windows Vista®
400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent
1.3 GB available HD space
128 MB of RAM

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