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Game Info

Title: Warlords 2
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: SSG
Year: 1993

About the Game

The second installment of the legendary series of tensile strategies. Again you will take one of the many nations and go to battle with the other warlords (there is also the opportunity to play with friends on the same computer). Nations are in turn a shade more different, each has its own units and cities. Again, there are heroes (heroines and new) and the stuff that goes with it - objects and tasks.

Warlords II work on simple principles. Take care of the city, recruit an army and conquer it, then other cities. A simple system is not easy difficulty, on the contrary, it is quite necessary to have some tactics and lucky enough, because the actual fights are evaluated without the possibility of intervention by the player. A new feature in the series is called "fog of war", thus further increasing concern, survey maps. Your strategic skills you can try 5 scenarios or on random maps created by the generator.

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