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Game Info

Title: Wolf
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Manley and Associates
Year: 1994

About the Game

Wolf is quite genuine wolf life simulator utilizing an isometric view. The player has the role of a wolf to choose 2 game modes. At first, sandboxovom mode, do not set precise targets and can do anything. You can choose the kind of wolf and other specifics of the wolf pack, landscape, seasons, weather, the number of hunters and animals in the area. When reviewing the landscape is dominated by a player becomes a wolf and must therefore be fasted for survival hunt other animals. Equally, he himself becomes a target for ubiquitous hunters.

In the second, RPG adventure mode, is on the next steps in the game must fulfill various tasks. For example, to find the lair, lost youth, water, or snag hare. The game is also educational in nature, because it is part of a multimedia encyclopedia of life wolves, except where no lack of illustrations or real film footage. The game was later underwent a continuation Lion.

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