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Game Info

Title: Wolfenstein 3D
Genre: Action
Publisher: ID Software
Year: 1992

About the Game

Wolfenstein 3D is one of the first 3D events from their perspective. The player plays a character agent BJ Blazkowicz, who is posted in 1943 on a mission against the Nazis, but it was soon arrested and your task is to escape from Castle Wolfenstein huge. A player facing German soldiers, their dogs and rigid bosses. You have the choice of several firearms and at the end of the game you will meet even Hitler himself.

Game content includes shooting the enemies, search Secret, walking through the dungeons and collecting keys to the treasure. How over the years the genre has changed its appearance, there is very visible, where once started and what problems it rendered. Whether in handling figures absence dodging sideways limits of contemporary design level - given the characteristics of the engine. All this creates quite a unique experience of this legendary FPS. The difficulty is to choose four, they are an indispensable component of the achievements and statistics at the end of the level and score appearing on the left side of the HUD. Depending on what kind of diligence were players while playing the game willing to sacrifice, each time, the two items may also vary.

The game was released as shareware - The first episode (10 missions) of the three was released free version had sold two more episodes a mission pack called The Nocturnal Missions. In the full version 1.4 and has Wolfenstein 3D straight six episodes of sixty levels.

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Wolfenstein 3D
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