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Title: Z
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Year: 1996

About the Game

Z is a futuristic real war-Time strategy in which, contrary to custom, RTS nedobývají raw materials and do not build buildings. A key strategic element of the game is the capture and holding of the beginning of the game existing buildings scattered across the map. Parties to the conflict are red and blue robots.

The buildings have a character of production units or defensive structures. Factories produce consistently; manufactured unit belongs to the flag over the production facility at the time of completion of the production cycle rises. Besides the six kinds of robots, with different weaponry, endurance and speed, play several kinds of vehicles. With that governs another difference from the classical concept RTS: their robot control is needed, the driver can be eliminated without destroying the vehicle, the vehicle thus becomes eligible for capture; This rule also applies to operators of stationary turrets. The aim of the game is to capture or destroy the enemy base or eliminate all enemy units. Gaming scheme benefits from Nether Earth game of the year. 1987th

Campaigning for each side consists of twenty missions evenly distributed among the five planets to gain control over which both camps tug of war. The story is told in animated sequences, in a very light-hearted atmosphere - robots handing out smiles on all sides, joking and drinking rocket fuel.

The game was created in the engine ZOD Engine. For PC title came in two versions: the original, labeled Z was designed for MS-DOS; Later released version, named Z 95, underwent juggling units and has been optimized for Windows 95th

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