Deathbringe Cover action dos game 1992


Karn the warrior has been the scourge of a group of evil wizards for many years, and as such they have trapped a demon inside the Deathbringer Sword. Karn has this sword, and must use … .

Crown action dos game 1991


Crown is a jump and run game. The goal is to travel trough six different countries to finally become king. The game is non-linear, so the player can choose which country he wants to go … .

Crime Wave action dos game 1990

Crime Wave

Crime Wave is a side-scrolling shooter with certain similarities to Narc in tone and gameplay. Controlling a police officer, the player shoots his or her way through slums, inner cities, and other locations, trying to destroy a powerful … .

Cold Dreams

Journey to the red planet of Swandah to prove your worth as a galactic knight. In the time-honored tradition of “Sword and Planet” tales, legends whisper of a cursed underground maze of caverns somewhere in … .

Bug Bomber action dos game 1992

Bug Bomber

A computer’s mazelike circuitry is infected with bugs, and you have been sent in to destroy them. You are armed with bombs, mines, blockades, and various types of hatchlings, which when released will track the … .

Bubble Dizzy

Bubble Dizzy eschews the usual arcade adventure format of Dizzy games, instead being a simple action game. You must guide Dizzy through the underwater worlds, collecting pearls as you go. Dizzy starts at the bottom of the … .

Astérix & Obélix

AstĂ©rix & ObĂ©lix is a platform game where one player can choose to control either AstĂ©rix or ObĂ©lix or two players can play simultaneously. The mission of the two Gauls is to acquire artifacts from all … .

Airlift Rescue

Your helicopter is a fast gunship capable of quick maneuvers (left, up, down, right) and also equipped with a chain-gun (simply put, it can shoot). Your helicopter can also change directions by pressing the CTRL … .

Ultimate Body Blows action dos game

Ultimate Body Blows

Ultimate Body Blows is a compilation of Body Blows and its sequel, available only for Amiga, Body Blows Galactic. The game combines everything from its predecessors and adds more colors, improved graphics and music, more backgrounds and endings, giving … .

Tubular Worlds action dos game 1994

Tubular Worlds

Tubular Worlds was a fairly popular shareware side-scrolling shooter which was commercially released in 1994. The game features a variety of weapons and enemies. It is divided into four worlds and each of them consists … .

Super Street Fighter II Turbo action dos game 1995

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Fighting game ported from the classic and wildly popular “Street Fighter 2” franchise. Choose from a variety of characters and use their fighting skills to beat opponents and become the world champion fighter. Advantages over … .

Space Hulk action dos game 1993

Space Hulk

Space Hulk is a real-time conversion of the original board game by Games Workshop set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Players control a squad of Space Marines in an maze allowing 90 degree turns which they may view … .

Shadow Warrior action dos game 1997

Shadow Warrior

Lo Wang has been working as a Shadow Warrior (a bodyguard and mercenary of sorts) for the powerful Zilla Corporation for years. But when he discovered the evil Zilla’s plan to summon monsters from other … .

Postal action dos game 1997


You’ve just gone off the deep end, and in your deeply demented mind, you’ve decided that this little peaceful town no longer needs peace and quiet. You gather your arsenal as you plan your next … .