World Cup 98

World Cup 98 is the first official FIFA World Cup game developed by EA Sports after obtaining the rights from FIFA in 1997. Unlike the previous World Cup games, which were in 2D and showed … .

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game¬†merges the personalities and action of the WWF TV show characters with a¬†Mortal Kombat-style fighting game. This title features digitized graphics of 8 WWF superstars: Doink, Razor Ramon, Bret “Hit Man” … .

World Class Leader Board

Before the long-running¬†Links series,¬†Access Software¬†produced the¬†Leader Board¬†lineage, which concludes here. Wind, snap and power are the main considerations as players dodge the bunkers, water and rough, which make for more complex courses than the 8-bit … .

Will Harvey’s Zany Golf

Using the mouse to determine the direction and strength of your putts, you must navigate 9 tricky holes of crazy / mini golf. Try to putt into holes protected by bouncing hamburgers, windmills, etc. Courses … .

Wayne Gretzky Hockey

The first of three¬†Wayne Gretzky¬†games from¬†Bethesda. It contains everything that could be found in a hockey rink, from big hits and fighting to icings and offsides. It’s not only about what is on the ice … .

Tennis Cup 2

This tennis simulation recreates all the rules of the sport, from tie-breaks to break points. The action is viewed from behind one of the players, also featuring a split-screen option. You can play singles and … .

Tennis Cup

Tennis Cup is a split-screen tennis game with the camera closely positioned at the athlete’s back. The available playing modes are exhibition match (either single or double), training, the Davis Cup or the four Grand Slam … .

Space Jam

Based on the movie of the same name, Space Jam centres around an invasion of Looney Tunes land by tiny aliens. The fate of the Tunes is to be decided by a basketball game, and for this … .

Sensible Golf

Sensible Golf is a 2D golf simulation. Having been quite successful with their cute action soccer game¬†Sensible Soccer, Sensible Software decided that the concept of “No fuss, just fun” could be applied to other sports, too. … .

Gone Fishing (Reel Fish’n)

Gone Fishing¬†is a fishing simulator. Starting small in a rented boat with a plastic worm, a spinner, or other tackle, you can work your way to tournament status, purchasing not only additional tackle, but also … .

PGA Tour Golf

PGA Tour Golf introduced many of the conventions commonly seen in the genre since. The three-click control method (the first to start the swing, the second setting power and over-swing, the third setting draw or fade) … .

Jordan vs Bird: One on One

Two of the greatest icons of the Golden Age of the NBA match up in this game. On one side, the spectacular dunks of¬†Michael Jordan¬†of the Chicago Bulls; on the other,¬†Larry Bird’s incredible accuracy from … .

NBA Jam Extreme

“Takes the NBA Jam game and puts into an all new 3d engine with lifelike player movement. All the real basketball action is bundled with extreme moves. Zany sound fx, commentary and victory dances by … .


Mini Putt is a miniature golf game that offers 4 courses, Deluxe, Classic, Traditional and Challenge. Up to 4 players can either play a game or practice any hole on any course. Each course offers … .

Mean 18

Mean 18 is a golf simulation released in the early years of 16-bit technology. The three-click control system was used, whereby the first click starts the swing, the second sets the power, and the third sets … .

Links: The Challenge of Golf

Links: The Challenge of Golf is a golf simulation that tries to implement realistic aspects of golf in a video game format. The game uses VGA 256-color graphics, with courses containing trees, water, sand traps, and … .

International Athletics

International Athletics¬†is an arcade track & field game by the Spanish developer¬†True Emotions. It was initially published by¬†Opera Soft¬†in Spain in 1992 under the title¬†Olympic Games ’92, then licensed by¬†Zeppelin¬†in 1993 for their “International” series … .

Superstar Indoor Sports

Four¬†Indoor Sports¬†are compiled in this entry to¬†DesignStar’s SportTime line of recreations. Ten-Pin Bowling, Air Hockey (not on the Commodore 16), Darts and Ping Pong (not on the European Commodore 64 releases) are featured. The menus … .