Menzoberranzan role playing dos game 1994


In Menzoberranzan the player takes the role of two adventurers (two more can be recruited) who have just returned from a fight against an evil enemy in the Icewind Dale. A drow raid looking for Drizzt attacks … .

Heimdall role playing dos game 1992


You play as Heimdall, a demi-god based in Norse mythology. Heimdall’s job is to protect the entrance to Asgard, the home of the gods, from all evil, including the terrible Ragnarok, when all the evil … .

Fountain of Dreams role playing dos game 1990

Fountain of Dreams

Following on the popularity of¬†Wasteland,¬†Electronic Arts¬†released this unofficial sequel, using a modified version of the Wasteland game engine. Fountain of Dreams takes place several decades after a nuclear bombardment has caused the state of Florida to … .

Dungeon Hack role playing dos game 1993

Dungeon Hack

Combine the gameplay ideas of¬†Hack/NetHack¬†with the¬†Eye of the Beholder III¬†game engine and you get a graphical version of¬†Hack:¬†Dungeon Hack. Largely based on a construction set, the player can create their own dungeons and then crawl … .

Drakkhen role playing dos game 1990


The prophecy has been fulfilled. The world shall be ruled by the dragons. On an island far away, their lords prepare for the conquest of the lands. There is only one hope for mankind. The … .

Dragons of Flame role playing dos game 1989

Dragons of Flame

Set in between the SSI’s AD&D Dragonlance action games¬†Heroes of the Lance¬†and¬†Shadow Sorcerer. This game follows the tradition of Heroes of the Lance with a side-scrolling, action-oriented view, a breakaway from the standard GoldBox RPGs. … .

Dragonflight role playing dos game 1991


Many years ago, great dragons roamed the land, protecting the human kind from evil. However, a bitter rivalry between the Black and the White mages disrupted this harmony. The dragons have mysteriously vanished, and so … .

Disciples of Steel role playing dos game 1994

Disciples of Steel

Create a party of eight characters from the usual D&D classes, and lead these characters on their quest for adventure. The initial character development is fairly comprehensive, but the user interface for the game itself … .

DarkSpyre role playing dos game 1990


The Gods of War, Intelligence, and Magic have created DarkSpyre, and intimidating tower full of riddles and monsters. The player takes control of an aspiring champion, whose goal is to explore the maze-like levels of … .

The Dark Queen of Krynn role playing dos game 1992

The Dark Queen of Krynn

The Dark Queen of Krynn is the last part in the Dragonlance RPG series using the standard game engine found in the Goldbox series (with slight enhancements). Evil, after failing two times before, finally tries to defeat Good and conquer … .

Captive role playing dos game 1992


You awake in prison, without the memory of who you are, where you are and why you are imprisoned. In the corner of your cell you find a briefcase computer, which gives you the control … .