Rally Sport

Rally Sport is a racing game for one or two players. The game is played from a third person perspective, is fully 3D modeled and features rudimentary physics and dynamic lighting effects.

There are 8 cars to choose from, although these are the same 3 models with different colors. There are 15 tracks to choose from, set in grassy mountain, gravel and ice environments. There are deep water hazards, slippery ice tracks, obstacles and spectators throughout all the tracks. If players drive into deep water or topple their car, they will be reset onto the track but this takes precious time. In the ice tracks, snow causes big smoke like clouds behind the car and ice is extra slippery. You can drive anywhere you want and go off track, but this is considerably slower than staying on track. Spectators can be run over, causing comical screams.

You can play as single player practise mode with no opponents, or play against a computer opponent. Two player games can be played in splitscreen or single screen. In splitscreen mode the players compete for the best lap time. In single screen mode the players score points by racing as far ahead as possible so the other player goes off screen, similar to Micro Machines.

The game uses a non-standard keyboard layout that cannot be changed and takes some getting used to. Player 1 can steer with , and . and uses A and Z to accelerate and brake. Player 2 uses the numeric keypad, 4 and 1 to accelerate and brake and 2 and 3 to steer.

Game Info

  • Genre: Racing / Driving
  • Year: 1996

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