Superstar Indoor Sports

Four Indoor Sports are compiled in this entry to DesignStar’s SportTime line of recreations. Ten-Pin Bowling, Air Hockey (not on the Commodore 16), Darts and Ping Pong (not on the European Commodore 64 releases) are featured. The menus and options screens have the same feel as Clubhouse Sports. Each game has computer opponents at multiple skill levels plus human-versus-human and demo modes, and matches can consist of varying numbers of rounds, with other options depending on the game.

Ten-pin bowling is played from a side-on view, although once the shot has been taken you see the results unfold from the bowler’s view. There are three stages to taking a shot. Move the player up and down to line up his run-up, pressing fire to set the position. Then, do the same to set the angle of the shot. Finally, after pressing fire to start the run-up, press it again to time the release of the ball, as close to the line as possible.

Darts has 4 skill and 3 speed levels, and players can play to 301, 501 or 701, to vary game length or provide a handicapping system. You can also set whether scoring must start or end with a double. Viewed from behind the board, you must first line up the dart, then set the dart’s curvature and power by stopping a curved gauge on the right, then a rising power bar on the left. The view then changes twice – first a behind-the-player view to show the dart’s approach, then a close-up of the board to show where it landed.

Air Hockey plays for five minutes, or until someone has scored 12 points. The view is above the pitch but angled so as to emphasize the goal at the top.

Ping-Pong features a handicapping system – six ability areas can be graded from 1-5, to ensure a closely-matched game. Again the view is from behind one court. To impart direction onto a shot, the angle must be pressed at the same time as the fire button.

Game Info

  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Mindscape, Inc.
  • Developer: DesignStar Consultants, Inc.
  • Year: 1987

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