Ultris: The Ultimate Tetris

Ultris: The Ultimate Tetris is a one- or two-player, shareware implementation of Tetris and Vertris (aka Columns). The game is played on a vertically split screen with each player, assuming there are two players, having their own area of the screen. Both players can use keyboard controls or, alternatively, one player can use the mouse. The game supports 2 player simultaneous regular, co-operative, and competitive Tetris and Vertris.

  • In regular play players receive their own bricks and play independently. It is possible to set up the games so that one player plays Ultris and the other plays Vectris
  • In co-operative mode each player controls the positioning of their own bricks and the bricks for the right hand player appear in both their window and as a half-image’ the window of the left hand player and vice versa.
  • In competitive mode each player has their own, usually different bricks. in Competitive Ultris when a player completes a line a line of bricks, with random spaces, is added to the bottom of the opposing player’s screen. In competitive Vertris when a player completes a line the same blocks appear on the opposing players screen, randomly positioned.

Game Info

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Year: 1992

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