Valhalla (Ragnarok)

Valhalla (Ragnarok in the US) is a medieval fantasy based roguelike game with Viking/Norse (Scandinavian) mythology as its main theme, reflected by various events and creatures within the game in accord with the mentioned mythology.

It is the year 999 A.D. The player is a young Viking and like many other Vikings at that age, are worried and anxious of the Ragnarok prophecy — the Norse version of Armageddon i.e. the end of the world. Determined, the young viking sets out to leave the village and thwart the prophecy, or at least prolong its coming with the help of the good Norse gods and some personal human intervention.

In order to do so, there are several quests/goals that may help a more favorable ending for Ragnarok*:

  • Free Balder’s Soul.
  • Locate and return Mjollnir to Thor.
  • Locate and return Gjall to Heimdal.
  • Locate and return Mimming to Freyr.
  • Locate and return Gundnir to Odin.
  • Find a manner for Tyr to fight with one arm.

*Further details of each quest are presented within the game (options) as well as hints on how to accomplish them.

Valhalla offers six classes to choose from. However, these classes are not permanent in effect. After every 10th level, you may choose to switch to other classes for maximum affects, as most skills and powers of each class are usually achieved at the 10th level. Classes the player may choose from are:

  • The Blacksmith
    The blacksmith is one of the most respected classes in Valhalla, able to forge weapons and armor, the blacksmith is the very soul of adventuring. A master blacksmith may learn to forge his/her own weapons and armor.
  • The Alchemist
    The alchemist bring with him/her a wide inventory of potions. Eventually at higher levels, the master alchemist may acquire the knowledge to create his/her own mixture of potions.
  • The Sage
    The sage is the weakest class in Valhalla. However, what he/she lacks in strength is made up for in brains. The sage is the educational class of the group. A master sage may eventually learn the skill to write his/her own magical scrolls.
  • The Conjurer
    The conjurer is the mage class of Valhalla. There are five available spells available for casting. By the 10th level, all five will be at the disposal of the conjurer. The master conjurer may also learn the skill to teleport.
  • The Woodsman
    The Woodsman is the ranger class of Valhalla. A master bows and crossbows, a master woodsman may learn nature’s art to tame wild animals.
  • The Viking
    The Viking is the fighter class in Valhalla. Being the strongest class in the beginning of the game, the Viking at higher levels may achieve the status of a weapons master and learn second attacks.

Each class has their primary skill and power (if any) as some stated above. However, certain magical items or events may grant the character skills and powers previously not available to that class, either permanently or temporary.

The world of Valhalla itself is divided into three realms. There are also five minor planes and countless other areas outside the boundaries of space and time. Each realm has its own unique terrain and set of monsters. The main three realms are:

  • Midgaard – Land of Mortals.
  • Asgard – Land of Gods.
  • Niflheim – Land of the Dead.

Each new game in Valhalla is completely unique, including shopkeeper locations and the items sold, making Valhalla as a whole, a completely repeatable game.

Game Info

  • Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
  • Publisher: Optyk
  • Developer: Norsehelm Production
  • Year: 1993

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