Superfrog is a traditional jump & run platformer. You are a frog that once was a prince but was turned into the amphibious creature by an evil witch. Your loved one was kidnapped and you have to free her from witch’s castle. Your enemies are animals like bees, snakes, hedgehogs, turtles or snails but later on you may find other beings like knights, mummies, robots or even your evil selves depending on the scenery you are in. Basically you have no weapons but in the game you may find small blobs that can be shoot diagonally up or horizontally to exterminate some foes. Some enemies can also be killed by jumping on them. Every stage has a time limit. In this limit you have to collect a pre-determined number of coins as well as other collectibles like cherries and apples that serve as a factor for a bonus score. There are also other power-ups like wings giving you the possibility to fly on a longer distance, slow pills and speed pills which, accordingly, slow you down or give you extra speed.

The game is divided into six worlds: forest, castle, circus, pyramid, winter and space. Each of the worlds consists of four stages. Between levels you may gamble your bonus score in the slot machine where you can win more points, extra lives or level password which can be used to access the level from the main menu. After completing the fifth world you will be able to take part in the bonus stage called “Project F” (made on a resemblance to Project X – another Team 17 game) which is a link between terrestrial and extraterrestrial worlds. After the game is completed or you just failed to do it, you can type your name into a high score table that can be saved onto the blank disk of your own.

Game Info

  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Team17 Software Limited
  • Year: 1994

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