Teenage Queen puzzle dos game 1988

Teenage Queen

In this interactive poker game you meet in a park the beautiful female roller-skater, who is very interested in strip playing. During the game you come to night club, where the female shows her real … .

Swap puzzle dos game 1992


In this puzzle board game you should swap the tiles to make the sequence of tiles of the same color to eliminate them. Shape of tiles varies from big and small squares to triangles or … .

Super Tetris puzzle dos game 1991

Super Tetris

Super Tetris is a Tetris variant. It contains additional features such as different types of gameplay (two player cooperative and competitive) as well as new block types (lightning bolts that eliminate an entire row, and bombs that eliminate … .

Super Solvers Treasure Mountain! puzzle dos game 1990

Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain!

Treasure Mountain is an educational game designed for children ages 5-9. The Master of Mischief has stolen the magic crown as well as other treasures and hidden them on Treasure Mountain! Your goal is to locate … .

Super Solvers OutNumbered! puzzle dos game 1990

Super Solvers: OutNumbered!

One of the education games aimed for older elementary students, from The Learning Company’s classic Super Solver’s series. The Master of Mischief is up to his old tricks and now is trying to take over … .

Operation Neptune puzzle dos game 1991

Operation Neptune

Operation Neptune is a math edutainment title similar to Treasure Mountain, but aimed at older kids. As with other Super Solvers games, Operation Neptune combines platform action with educational puzzles. The game helps build a solid math and … .

Super Solvers Midnight Rescue! puzzle dos game 1989

Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue!

The Master of Mischief is planning on making Shady Glen School disappear! He has invented disappearing paint, and turned five paint brushes into robots to paint the school at midnight. The Master of Mischief himself … .

Rescue Rover 2 puzzle dos game 1991

Rescue Rover 2

Aliens have mistaken your dog Rusty for Earth’s leader and sent evil robots to kidnap him. Now you must free him from a variety of doggie prisons in this puzzle game. Dognapped consists of a … .

Rescue Rover puzzle dos game 1991

Rescue Rover

Rover, your favourite pet dog, has been dog-napped by evil robots, and it’s up to you to save your pup before something terrible happens. Explore 30 levels of mind-bending puzzles to solve and deadly robots … .

Penthouse Electric Jigsaw puzzle dos game 1991

Penthouse Electric Jigsaw

This adult version of Electric Jigsaw combines the engine of the original game with 12 pictures of Penthouse USA 1990 Pets of the Month. The jigsaw puzzle is proposed for a size from 6 pieces to 294 … .

Oh No! More Lemmings puzzle dos game 1991

Oh No! More Lemmings

Oh No! More Lemmings is the follow-up to Lemmings. The game features 100 new levels, and all new graphics and music. It was released in both a stand-alone and an add-on version. Game Info Genre: Puzzle Developer: … .

Elements puzzle dos game 1994


Elements is a puzzle game where you use the arrow keys to guide a small green ball (called “Element”) through mazes without running out of energy. You lose energy by moving in any direction. Energy is … .

Caesars Palace puzzle dos game 1990

Caesars Palace

This game allows you to play in the Caesars Palace casino. It offers a taste of six card games: 5-Card Stud 7-Card Stud Baccarat Blackjack Draw Poker Pai Gow Power Game Info Genre: Puzzle Publisher: … .

Bubble Ghost puzzle dos game 1988

Bubble Ghost

Bubble Ghost needs to blow a bubble out of his creator’s castle. Your task is to guide him so as to direct the bubble through the gaps in each room. The bubble’s direction is affected … .


The story is that Bluppo loves to cook. A rich relative will buy him a restaurant but only if Bluppo cooks him a special meal. After much research Bluppo finds the recipe, the special dish … .


Autobots is a platform game, where your player is a magnet for robots due to certain reasons. The reason for robots is to make you their slave for very brutal reason you could ever imagine, … .

Atomix puzzle dos game 1990


Atomix is a puzzle game. On each level, you are given a couple of atoms, and your task is to arrange them into a specific molecule. You see all the atoms available for you to move … .